Raspbmc July update and boblight


4 thoughts on “Raspbmc July update and boblight

  1. Digging up old discussion, but I’ve been in testing my own setup for a few weeks now and have finally gotten a Pi to drive the first of my WS2801 strings (current RBMC didn’t auto-start boblightd for me). Any way, my LED colours are all wrong – blue when what’s on screen is red, etc, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I need to specify the colour order differently: while I was driving the full string with a ‘duino and FastLED, I had to specify the colour order as BGR to get the RGBCalibration sketch to run “correctly”. Is there a way to tell boblight the colour order?

  2. Is there a CLI command to make boblight-constant turn light one LED only? It would help with tweaking the config if I could do this.

    • It’s been a while since I’ve used boblight, I don’t think there’s a command for it but I think you can do it by only entering 1 LED in the config file if that helps

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