How To: Install Hyperion on a Raspberry Pi running OSMC


6 thoughts on “How To: Install Hyperion on a Raspberry Pi running OSMC

  1. thanks for the updated, is it possible that your share your hyperion.config.json file? I am having some troubles to make it run

      • Sysytem is not lighting at all after OSMC alpha 4 (it was working with
        Raspbmc), I have made a fresh install with OSMC RC, I had some problems
        when I was doing the editing with nano /boot/config.txt, did not let me to make the saving due to rights to save the file (any idea how to add the dtparam=spi=on line)

        I am having some problems with my .json configuration, I think file was damaged
        with OSMC A-4 installation, furtunatelly I have same configuration as
        you with my leds, i spect yours can fit in my configuration.
        Thankk again for your help, this page is a good reference in order to have the ambient lighting running properly.

      • Sorry, to edit config.txt you need sudo.
        I’ve updated that line above.

        As for the json config, I’d leave it with the default one for the time being and once it’s working, then switch to my one or a custom one.

  2. Hey there,
    have u sucessfully installed the webinterface? ive got some problems here because of the different folder names i believe ..

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