Map Portfolio

This is a selection of map based projects I have recently worked on:

HistoryMap: Bath


About: This responsive web app allows the user to easily explore and compare historical maps from various years against a present day map from OpenStreetMap. It also includes historical plaques and listed building point datasets.

Technologies used: Leaflet, jQuery, CSS


Bath:Hacked 2.1 – BathAlerts


About: This was a team entry in the 2nd Bath:Hacked event. As a team of 4 we produced an email alert service to inform local residents of what is happening in their local area. The monthly email alert lists any new planning applications, house sales or crimes committed within the user-defined area within the past month. The service also sends out daily alert email should the Environment Agency issue a flood alert in the users area.

Technologies used: PHP, HTML5, Sass, jQuery, MySQL and Leaflet.


Bath:Hacked – Recyclotron


About: This was a collaborative entry between myself and Tom Fletcher to the Bath:Hacked event. Our entry was an interactive map displaying rates of recycling in Bath and North East Somerset.

We wanted to see if there were any obvious trends or patterns in the recycling data collected by the council as well as to breakdown and display this data in an attractive and easy to understand way which would hopefully encourage people to recycle even more!

Technologies used: We used an open source GIS stack starting with QGIS to spatialise, analyse and combine recycling, postcode and ONS census datasets. The results were then stored in a PostGIS database which was served up by Geoserver to be consumed by a Leaflet map embedded in an a webpage built with AngularJS.


Bath MapMyRun GPS routes

About: I collected around 1,000 GPS running routes from and plotted them together to form this crowd sourced map of Bath.

Technologies used: MapInfo, MapTiler and OpenLayers




About: This map was part of the ThinkABC campaign by the NHS which aimed to help people choose the correct service to use when injured or feeling unwell. The map shows the locations of the various A&E and minor injury units in the Bristol area as well as the opening times and contact details in a themed popup matching the campaign branding.

Technologies used: Leaflet


Malaysia Airlines MH370 Infographic


About: Ok not quite a map, it’s more an infographic. I was curious as to how deep below the ocean surface the MH370 might be. So I made this interactive and animated infographic at a scale of 1 foot per pixel which highlights the extreme depths of the ocean at the suspected location of the MH370.

Technologies used: jQuery, CSS



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